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After 6 years of accumulation and continuous investment, Dayton lighting has established a perfect R & D system, providing continuous power for the development of enterprises. Yimingwang has established a lighting R & D center, introduced first-class talents, hired domestic famous lighting experts as the R & D center's consultants to research and develop cutting-edge lighting technology, and realized the integration of production, learning and research.

Dayton establishes lighting laboratory according to international standards. The product quality inspection level is in line with international standards to ensure that the product quality is excellent and stable. The factory pass rate of the products is above 99.5%. It adheres to the use of high-quality Philips / OSRAM light sources, electronic components, materials and processes. The lighting efficiency design requirements are generally higher than the domestic energy efficiency standards.

Dayton is the advocator of green lighting, and insists on the research and development of lighting energy saving, creating good social and economic benefits.